Summarizing the Criminal Record Life Cycle

Holding a criminal record is a heavy ordeal and can cause much strife to the holder of that record in their future decisions.

That person will have been arrested, taken for fingerprints and must have appeared in court to obtain a criminal record. Then that record remains with you for life (if you were over the age of 18 at the time of the offense).  Then, that little piece of paper stating you have a criminal record will affect many different aspects of your life. From travel plans and school programs to job applications and volunteer work.

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A Summary on Conditional Discharges

Conditional discharges can be granted if the convicted  offense is minor and your record shows no previous related convictions.

If the judge grants you a conditional discharge, there will be strict rules to follow including a curfew and if those rules are broken, the court may decide have you complete your remaining sentence in jail. This type of discharge can only be granted if the judge does not find you a threat to the community, and your record must not show similar offenses in the past.

After three years your conditional discharge will be removed from your record, but to ensure this is the case it is suggested that you apply for a Pardon.

How the Permance of a Criminal Record can affect your future.

Being branded a criminal for life with a permanent criminal record definitely has its setbacks.

For one, you will not be able to travel freely and make future travel plans as someone who does not have a criminal record, nor will you be able to apply for just any job as many employers now require a criminal record check. If you have ever thought about volunteering or working within vulnerable sectors this will not be possible, and if you have been considering adoption this will not be a possibility either. Even your school program of choice may be affected by a criminal record.

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An inside look at the Criminal Record process

Today, Express Pardons gives you an inside look at the process that takes places from suspect to obtaining a criminal record.

Before and arrest one is referred to as a “person of interest” and the suspected offense is then listed with the CPIC. With enough evidence an arrest is then made and fingerprints of the individual are taken and submitted to the system. The crown then evaluates the file and determines whether  or not the file should be submitted to the courts for further prosecution, and once the proceedings have ended the results; which may lead to conviction and a criminal record, will then be added to the fingerprinted file and the appropriate updates will be made.

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Weekly Summary: Pardons And The Canadian Governments Role

This week Express Pardons outlined the Canadian Governments current role in Pardons and why choosing a specialized pardon processing service is the way to go.

We discussed the new conservative majority legislation and how it will impact the Pardon Service industry. Tuesday we also looked at the role of Service Canada in the Pardon process and why choosing a specialized Pardon processing service for your application is highly recommended. Once we hit midweek we had a look at the RCMP role in the Pardon process and why when seeking advise on Pardons, the RCMP are not well equipped to handle your inquiries such as a specialized service would be. In the end you will save hours of time and effort by making the right choice from the beginning and choosing a trusted Pardon processing service for your application.

Canadian Pardons and RCMP

When it comes to your life and dealing with a criminal record, you want to seek out a professional for advise in how to obtain your Pardon.

While RCMP are wonderful at handing criminal records and police checks, they are not familiar with the entire process involved in obtaining a Pardon. Therefore, we highly suggest that if you are in need of Pardon or require information about the process, don’t go to the RCMP for advise. Seek out a service you can trust, one that specializes in Pardon processing such as Express Pardons and let the professionals handle your criminal record. You deserve the best.

Criminal Records and Immigration

Express Pardons can help any Canadian Citizen apply for a Pardon and begin the process of clearing or sealing their criminal record. Whether you are applying for a new job, traveling or trying to obtain your Canadian citizenship, your criminal record can pose a serious threat.

Immigrants trying to apply for Canadian citizenship while holding a criminal record may face instant deportation, permanent residency revoked, long delays on their application or even denial.

Don’t wait for that to happen. Take action now and begin the process of clearing your criminal record by applying for a Pardon today.