The Criminal Code

Criminal offences in Canada are dictated by the Canadian Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. All offences under these acts are pardonable with the exception of murder convictions which carry a life sentence. Pardons for certain sexual related offences carry a special restriction which I can discuss with anyone interested. 

For convenience, I have listed some of the more commonly known criminal codes below. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

If you were convicted under Criminal Code Sec. 71, for dueling, I would love to hear that story.

Controlled Drugs and Substances Act


4 Possession of scheduled substance  6(1) Importing/Exporting scheduled substance 
5(1) Trafficking in scheduled substance  6(2) Possession for the purpose of exporting 
5(2) Possession, purpose of trafficking  7 Production of a scheduled substance 
Criminal Code of Canada

88 Possession of a weapon with intent 255(3.1) Driving in excess of 0.80 causing an accident resulting in death
91 Possession of restricted weapon 264(1) Harassment
99 Trafficking weapons 265 Assault
119 Bribery 267 Assault with weapon/ causing bodily harm
121 Frauds on the Government 268 Aggravated assault
131 Perjury 269 Unlawfully causing bodily harm
139 Obstructing justice 271 Sexual assault
220 Causing death by criminal negligence 273 Aggravated sexual assault
221 Causing harm by criminal negligence 279 Kidnapping/Forcible confinement
229 Murder 283 Abduction
232 Murder reduced to manslaughter 322 Theft
236 Manslaughter 331 Theft by person holding power of attorney
241 Assisting suicide 336 Criminal breach of trust
249(1-4) Dangerous operation of vehicle 342 Theft/Forgery of a credit card
249.1 Failure to stop when pursued by police 343 Robbery
252(1) Hit-and-run 346 Extortion
252(1.2) Hit-and-run causing bodily harm 348 Breaking and entering
252(1.3) Hit-and-run causing death 353 Possession of stolen property
253(a) Driving/Care of vehicle when impaired 366 Forgery
253(b) Driving/Care of vehicle in excess of 0.80 386-388 Fraud
254(5) Refusal to submit to breathalyzer 423 Uttering threats
255(2) Driving impaired causing bodily harm 430 Mischief
255(2.1) Driving in excess of 0.80 causing an accident resulting in bodily harm 433-435 Arson
255(3) Driving impaired and causing death 467 Organized Crime Offences


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