Fingerprinting Required for Certified Criminal Record Searches

A criminal record check is required for both pardon and waiver applications.  In order to obtain a certified criminal record from the RCPM CPIC database a person has to have their fingerprints done for the purpose of a pardon or waiver, depending on the application.  Fingerprints can be done at any local police station or there a number of private locations across Canada that can take fingerprints for either application.  Once the fingerprints are completed they are sent to the RCMP who will in turn generate the criminal record.  The criminal record will show all charges for an individual that are found on the Canadian criminal record database.  According to the RCMP:

  • The Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services destroys fingerprint submissions relative to civil screening (including Vulnerable Sector Verifications) when the search process is completed. The fingerprints are not added to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records and are not searched for future purposes.

This means that any person can get a criminal record search done without worrying about whether or not doing so will flag them in a system or create a new record.  Getting fingerprints done is the only way to get a certified criminal record check done in Canada.  The certified criminal record is a requirement of both the Canadian and US governments.  Contact Express Pardons for all your pardon and waiver questions or to start an application today.


2 responses to “Fingerprinting Required for Certified Criminal Record Searches

  1. Carol Kempenaar

    My husband Piebe(Peter) Kempenaar sent in a set of fingerprints and $25.00 about 6 months agao.
    He requires a USA Waiver/Visa. He has applied for the USA Waiver in January 2010. They returned a letter stating that he needs another set of prints sent to Ottawa. We have been waiting. They also want the form P-PE-811 completed by the RCMP. This is what Peter has been waiting for in the past 6 months. Peter already has a Canadian Pardon.
    I really don’t know what more the USA requires. Soon it will be year since he applied for the USA waiver/Visa. He is very dicouraged and upset.
    Would someone please look into this for Peter.
    Thanks, Carol Kempenaar on behalf of Peteer

    • According to the RCMP “the processing time [for criminal records] is currently in excess of one hundred and twenty (120) working days from receipt of an application.” The best thing to do in this case is to follow up with the RCMP regarding the status of Peter’s criminal record. Visit the RCMP website and follow their instructions on how to verify the status of an application. If Peter already has a Canadian Pardon then his criminal record should come back with a no-criminal record notice, he will still need to include his court documents and a copy of his pardon granted documents with his waiver application along with this. Express Pardons is a private legal service that completes waiver applications on behalf of our clients – please call us at 1-866-416-6772 or visit our website to get an application started.

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